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Focused Feedback: What Juries Really Care About Part 5

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March 7, 2024

In the past ten years, I’ve organized about a thousand jury focus groups. This
has not only helped our firm but also assisted other lawyers who seek my
advice in enhancing personal injury cases. These groups have made me better
at representing my clients. Through this experience, I’ve discovered that juries
often care about things
beyond what the judge explains as the law.

Issue 5: Be True To Yourself

Because of the way lawyers get paid in personal injury cases, a good trial
lawyer doesn’t have to worry about counting hours and can focus on preparing
for the trial. Some groups organize seminars to teach trial lawyers different
strategies for convincing juries. I’ve been to many of these seminars, even
taught some myself. However, I’ve noticed that some lawyers end up copying
others instead of being genuine, and jurors can usually tell when someone is
not being authentic.

Being yourself is crucial. A skilled lawyer understands their personality and
sticks to it. They use the tactics that suit them and ignore the rest. Juries, like
everyone else, can easily spot fake behavior.

I hope that you found this insight interesting. If you or a loved one is ever in need
of legal representation for an injury claim, please do not hesitate to reach out to
us for assistance. You can reach us at (404) 760-8600. You can also e-mail me
directly at ah@hoff-law.com. I am also always happy to offer referrals to
attorneys in other practice areas. Just reach out!