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Injured Motorist Awarded Excess Verdict Against “John Doe” Motorist

As featured in the article “Woman wins $100k from Geico with attorneys fees possible” by The Daily Report’s Mark Niesse: A woman whose insurance company opposed her in court won a $124,000 verdict for a three-car wreck on Interstate 285 that flipped her SUV across the highway. The insurance company, Geico, represented the hit-and-run driver who caused the chain-reaction accident...

Injured Motorists Settle for $400,000

A husband and wife injured in an automobile collision have settled their lawsuit for $400,000. The collision occurred as the couple returned from the wife getting an injection for back pain, which was aggravated by this incident.

$1,290,000 judgment in DeKalb Truck Collision

As featured in the article “Injured motorist wins $1.29M after judge OKs suit against insurer” by The Daily Report’s Ben Smith: A DeKalb county jury has awarded an injured motorist $1.29 million from the insurance company for an out-of-state trucking company. A key part of the case occurred when Judge Wayne Purdom of DeKalb County State Court rejected arguments by...
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