Past success does not guarantee future results. Below we have provided examples of various cases settled or tried to a jury verdict in the past ten years to indicate our experience and dedication to achieving the optimum result possible for our clients. Please feel free to contact our office to further discuss our various experiences in the practice areas in which we specialize.

Truck and Car Accidents

$1,625,000 Settlement for Injured Motorists
A husband and wife from Marietta have settled their lawsuit against a family in Fulton County for $1,625,000.00. Click here to read more…

$1,500,000 Settlement for Injured Truck Driver

$1,325,000 Settlement for Injured Truck Driver

$1,290,000 Jury Verdict in DeKalb Truck Collision
A DeKalb county jury has awarded an injured motorist $1.29 million from the insurance company for an out-of-state trucking company. Click here to read more…

$1,250,000 Injury for T-bone Injury

$1,000,000 Settlement for Injured Van Passengers

$700,000 Pre-Suit Mediated Settlement for Surgical Back Injury

$650,000 Settlement for Injured Student
A college student has settled her case against a young man who ran over her at a party for $650,000. Click here to read more…

$462,500 Settlement for Injured Motorist Following Back Surgery

$400,000 Settlement for Injured Motorists
A husband and wife injured in an automobile collision have settled their lawsuit for $400,000. The collision occurred as the couple returned from the wife getting an injection for back pain, which was aggravated by this incident. Click here to read more…

$350,000 Settlement Following Back Surgery After Minor Impact Collision

$350,000 Settlement After Neck Surgery

$300,000 Settlement for Catastrophically Injured Woman

$205,000 Settlement for Teen Injured in T-Bone Collision

$200,000 Settlement for DUI Hit and Run

$175,000 Settlement for Woman T-Boned by Commercial Vehicle

$150,000 Settlement for Shoulder Injury

$141,666.67 Settlement for Child Struck by Intoxicated Motorist

$125,000 Settlement for Shoulder Injury

$124,000 Jury Verdict for Injured Motorist Against “John Doe” Hit-and-Run driver
A woman whose insurance company opposed her in court won a $124,000 verdict for a three-car wreck on Interstate 285 that flipped her SUV across the highway. Click here to read more…

$115,000 Settlement for Neck Injury

$100,000 Settlement for Closed Head Injury

$100,000 Settlement for Concussion

$100,000 Settlement for Lower Back Injury

$100,000 Settlement for Back Injury

$99,000.00 Settlement for Back Injury

$97,500.00 Settlement for Knee Injury

$70,000.00 Jury Verdict for Neck Injury and Vertigo

$70,000.00 Settlement During Trial for Knee Injury

In addition to the results listed above, over the years, our firm has successfully recovered hundreds of five and six-figure jury verdicts and settlements for clients injured in car and truck wrecks across Georgia.

Premises Injuries

$2,000,000 Jury Verdict in Fulton for Go Kart Injury

A Fulton County jury delivered a post-apportioned award of nearly $1.3 million to a woman who fractured both ankles when the go-kart she was driving at a Roswell track hit a concrete wall after being bumped by another driver.

$1,200,000 Settlement for Department Store Injury

$1,000,000 Jury Verdict Following Apartment Ceiling Collapse
A sagging, moldy, water-damaged ceiling that collapsed on a father and son cost an apartment complex $700,000 in a settlement awarded by a DeKalb County jury. Click here to read more…

$800,000 Settlement for Injuries From Loading Dock Door Collapse

$750,000 Settlement for Man Seriously Injured at Car Wash

$550,000 Settlement for Knee Injury After Fall in Department Store

$400,000 Settlement for Permanent Eye Injury Due to Tree Cutting

$350,000 Settlement for Trip and Fall in Restroom

$300,000 Settlement for Trampoline Injury

$250,000 Settlement for Inflatable Slide Injury

$180,000 Settlement for Elevator Misleveling

$175,000 for Bathroom Injury

$115,000 Settlement for Apartment Ceiling Injury

$100,000 Settlement for Injuries Due to Negligent Firearm Discharge

Confidential Settlement for Trampoline Park Injury

Confidential Settlement for Go Kart Safety Barrier Injury

Confidential Settlement for Woman Scalped by Go-Kart

Sexual Abuse

$8,093.126.92 Judgment for Minor Abused by Grandfather

$1,000,000+ Verdict for Minor Abused by Youth Minister
A Walton County jury has awarded more than $1 million to a woman who was 15 years old when a youth minister at her church began having sex with her. Click here to read more…

$300,000 Settlement for Minor Abused by Youth Minister

$300,000 Settlement for Woman Deceived by Therapist

$80,000 for Woman Sexually Assaulted at Spa

Confidential Settlement for Minor Abused at Day Care

Medical Malpractice

$750,000 Settlement for Faulty Coronary Stent

$700,000 Settlement During Jury Trial Deliberations for Negligent Surgical Procedure

Confidential Settlement During Litigation for Misdiagnosed Heart Attack