Joe Norton

Medical Malpractice Just Got Trickier

COVID-19 raises new questions for premises liability, and those questions are being answered in Georgia with new legislative activity. Recently, the governor signed the Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act (PBSA) into law.  The new act protects schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities from being held liable for certain claims related to COVID-19. They will be …

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Buckle Up

Wearing a seatbelt does more than just protect you from harm, it just might determine what compensation, if any, you receive after an accident.  This National Law Review article caught my eye a few days back, and I wanted to highlight some key points. The statistics covering the impact of seatbelts on the survivability of …

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$700,000 Jury Verdict Following Apartment Ceiling Collapse

As featured in the article “Fallen ceiling: $700K verdict” by The Daily Report’s Mark Niesse: A sagging, moldy, water-damaged ceiling that collapsed on a father and son cost an apartment complex $700,000 in verdict awarded by a DeKalb County jury. The plaintiffs had repeatedly asked for the roof to be repaired, but patchwork fixes failed …

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